Ngungun Weekend Climb!

Ngungun Weekend Climb!

As a child I have fond memories of my parents and I heading out for weekend hikes, walks and bike rides around Canberra, ACT. Being pulled along behind my Mum’s bike while on roller skates is my favourite memory of those times and of all the things I’ve experienced, this is the one that really sticks with me.

I’ve always had a love of the outdoors whether that be motorbike/horse riding, walking in the bush or driving somewhere I’ve never been with the intention of getting completely lost and discovering something place new.

This is the first time that as a family we’ve been able to get out into nature and show Maya the new places and teach her about the landscape, the significance of the area and the Dreaming stories and legends that are so important to Indigenous people.

This weekend Chris, Maya and I achieved a family milestone with Maya climbing her first mountain, Ngungun. Being nearly 3 years old her little feet navigated the uneven ground, incline and rocks that blocked her path with help from Uncle Dan, Chris and I. Admittedly, some of the journey up was spent on Dad’s shoulders getting the best view.

Smiling and singing the whole way up and down it was apparent that getting out into nature and starting her on a path of exploration and learning gave Maya confidence and it’s clear that the love of the outdoors has been successfully transferred (much to our relief!).

The Glass House Mountains are located between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast off the Beerburrum exit of the M1 Bruce Highway. Coming face to face with these mountains is spectacular and the area provides many ways in which to see and experience them.

Ngungun Mountain is located approximately 2 kilometres to the west of the township of Glass House Mountains. It’s a relatively easy climb for most and only takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the summit, so it was easier for little feet to manage. A safer route has been installed since my last visit to Ngungun where you no longer need to negotiate the scree slope that passes the cave and a winding path up has been created.

The views from the top are stunning to say the least and you get clear views of all the Glass House Mountains surrounding Ngungun. In the meantime however Maya decided to rewarded herself with an episode of Peppa Pig while reclined against the stones.

After the descent and much congratulations directed at Maya we headed out to the Glass House Mountains Lookout where the views again are beautiful and provide a vista of all the mountains across the landscape.

Part way up to the lookout is the Glass House Mountains Lookout Café where we ca

n highly recommend the coffee and hummingbird cake; and well-earned after a hike.


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