Archaeological & technical services

  • Consultation between community, private industry and individuals
  • Archaeological cultural heritage surveys
  • Management of cultural heritage projects
  • Drone aerial survey, mapping, photography and videography
  • Interactive 3D Mapping
  • Cultural heritage mapping
  • Archaeological test pitting to full excavation
  • Ethnographic studies and oral history documentation
  • Cultural heritage identification and recording training
  • Large and small lithic tool collection identification, database building and reporting

We believe in a best practice care and management approach to cultural heritage projects. Sher and Chris understand that community engagement and collaboration is key to ensuring accurate documentation and recording of cultural places and objects.

We provide easy to read reporting that adheres to individual state Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act legislation, relevant to both proponents and Traditional Owners.

We take projects from conception through to completion and have experience with both small and large projects which covers a broad section of industry, to include but not limited to:

  • Private industry, e.g. mining and construction
  • Traditional Owners
  • Local and state agencies
  • Land holders
  • Individuals
Aboriginal axe head
Aboriginal axe head

Drone services

We believe drone technology has the potential to revolutionise how we survey and record cultural heritage, land development, spatial data collection and area mapping.

Drone technology allows us to bring a new dimension to the identification and recording of cultural and heritage places. This brings a new level of respect to Indigenous sites and places, particularly as it doesn’t require any physical interaction with the site directly. This allows us to minimise the impact and damage to sites by human traffic (please note that some sites may require pedestrian survey and interaction). 

Our chief drone pilot Chris holds a full remote pilot licence (RePL) and certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate on a commercial basis.  In addition to this Chris also holds his Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) and therefore permitted to transmit on aeronautical radio frequencies when required to do so, i.e. operating in regulated airspace (prior permission must be obtained by the regulating authorities).  Qualified to this level allows us to survey areas close to airports, helipads and ocean ports and where needed operate under proponents operating certificate.

Drone image quality vs Google Earth
Drone image quality vs Google Earth

Drone capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Aerial survey of heritage structures and buildings

  • Aerial survey of cultural heritage landscapes

  • Aerial photography and videography 

  • Further options to customise survey’s based on need

  • Discover and map surfaces the naked eye cannot see

  • Data collection in a fraction of the time

  • HD 4K clarity of images

  • 3D modelling and mapping

  • Interactive panoramas and vistas

  • Site elevation modelling and data